Add Your Database

Learn how to add your database.

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Now that you've configured your Pantheon Dev environment, you need to import your database by creating a .sql dump file.

The Database import requires a single .sql dump that contains the site's content and configurations.

  1. Create a .sql dump using the mysqldump utility. To reduce the size for a faster transfer, compress the resulting archive with gzip:

    mysqldump -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASENAME > ~/db.sql
    gzip ~/db.sql
    • Replace USERNAME with a MySQL user with permissions to access your site's database.

    • Replace PASSWORD with the MySQL user's password. You can also move -p to the end of the command to leave it blank if you want to be prompted for your password. This prevents your MySQL password from being visible on your terminal.

    • Replace DATABASE with the name of your site database within MySQL.

    • ~/db.sql defines the output target to a file named db.sql in your user's home directory. Adjust to match your desired location.

    The resulting file will be named db.sql.gz. You can use the Pantheon Dashboard or a MySQL client to add your site's database.

  2. Navigate to the Site Dashboard and select the Dev environment.

  3. Select Database / Files.

  4. Click Import and add your archive (based on file size):

    If your archive is under 100MB, you can upload the file directly:

    1. Click File in the MySQL database field > Choose File.

    2. Select your local archive file and click Import.

      Import MySQL database from file

    Note: If you recently imported the database and need to re-import, refresh the page and use a new filename for the database file.

    If your archive is less than 500MB, you can import it from the URL:

    1. Click URL in the MySQL database field.

    2. Paste a publicly accessible URL for the .sql.gz file and click Import.

      • Change the end of the Dropbox URLs from dl=0 to dl=1 to ensure that your archive imports correctly.

        Import MySQL database from file

    The following instructions will allow you to add database archives larger than 500MBs using the command line MySQL client. You can also use a GUI client like Sequel Ace or Navicat. For more information, refer to Accessing MySQL Databases.

    1. Navigate to the Dev environment on the Pantheon Site Dashboard.

    2. Click Connection Info and copy the database connection string.

      Your command will look similar to the example below:

      mysql -u pantheon -p{random-password} -h{site-id} -P {site-port} pantheon
    3. Use the cd command to change into the directory containing your .sql file.

    4. Paste the connection string and append it with: < database.sql

      • This imports the .sql file to the Dev environment.

      • Your command will look similar to the example below:

        mysql -u pantheon -p{random-password} -h{site-id} -P {site-port} pantheon < database.sql

      If you encounter a connection-related error, the DB server could be in sleep mode. To resolve this, load the site in your browser to wake it up, and try again. For more information, refer to Troubleshooting MySQL Connections.