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Quicksilver Hooks

Learn how to use Quicksilver hooks to improve your workflow.

This section provides information on Quicksilver Hooks workflows.

Quicksilver and the Deploy Hook

Deploy your pantheon.yml file into an environment before using a Quicksilver hook for a deploy workflow.

Quicksilver scripts that trigger on the deploy hook operate on the state of the code at the time of the deploy, not the state of the code after the deploy. This means that new or updated code is not available until the deployment finishes even though the deploy hook is triggered at the start of the deploy.


You can hook into the following workflows:

WorkflowDescriptionLocation of webphp runtimeNotes
autopilot_vrtAutopilot Visual Regression test"Autopilot" Multidevafter stage valid, before stage invalid
clear_cacheClear CMS and Edge Cache
clone_databaseClone database between environmentstarget (to_env)
create_cloud_development_environmentCreate Multidev environmentMultidevafter stage valid, before stage invalid
deployDeploy code to Test or Livetarget
deploy_productCreate siteDevafter stage valid, before stage invalid
sync_codeUse the command git push command to change the code; commit via the Pantheon Dashboard, upstream update, Multidev merge, or automated workflowsDev or Multidev

Note that the sync_code hook runs after the build finishes and the artifacts have been completely deployed to the application server for sites using Integrated Composer.

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