Visualize Site Activity with the WebOps Dashboard

Gain valuable insight to your site's development and collaboration with Pantheon's WebOps Dashboard.

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Pantheon's WebOps Dashboard combines metrics and data in one page of easy to understand visualization of site development.

How to Access the WebOps Dashboard

From the User or Org Dashboard, any Site that is not Sandbox or Frozen has a Track WebOps button:

Screenshot of a User Dashboard with a Site showing the Track WebOps button

What the WebOps Dashboard Shows

Screenshot of the WebOps Dashboard

The WebOps Dashboard shows site activity as measured by code deployed from the Test to Live environment.

The graph shows the frequency of activity over the time period selected in the dropdown (Last 30 Days in the screenshot above). The Site Activity section lists the most recent deploys by the user's email.

To view the Site Activity for another site, use the Select Another Website dropdown.

What Counts As a Deploy

Merges from Test to Live are considered Deploys.

How to Request a Feature

Yes! Click the Leave Feedback button from the WebOps Dashboard or let our team know in chat.