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Create a Multidev Environment

Learn how to create a Multidev environment on Pantheon.

This section provides steps on how to create a new Multidev.

Create in the Dashboard

You can create a new fork in a Pantheon environment by using the code from the Dev environment.

  1. Go to the Site Dashboard, then click the Multidev tab.

  2. Click Create Multidev Environment.

  3. Specify the name for the Multidev in the Create Multidev Environment modal:

    • Multidev branch names must be all lowercase, no more than 11 characters, and can contain a dash (-).

    • Environments cannot be created with the following reserved names:

      • master
      • settings
      • team
      • support
      • multidev
      • debug
      • files
      • tags
      • billing
  4. Choose an environment to clone the database and files from. Note that the code will still come from the Dev environment. See Components of a site for a refresher on the distinction between code and content.

  5. Click Create Environment.

    It will take a few minutes to create the environment and clone the content from the source environment. You can continue working on the Dashboard while it's being created.

    You can create cloned Multidev environments from Dev, Test, or Live; existing branch environments can also be forked. Any branch not associated with an environment will be listed on Multidev under Git Branches.


The cache tables can contain entries that exceed the transaction redo limit set by @innodb_log_file_size@. If you receive an error message that the clone was aborted, clear caches on the source environment and retry the procedure.

You can also create an environment for an existing Git branch. Content can be cloned from any existing environment during the environment creation.

Create Locally with Terminus

You can create a Multidev on your local setup with the Terminus Multidev create command.


Changes to your pantheon.yml file won't be reflected if you created a Git branch locally, made a change to the pantheon.yml file, and then pushed the branch, or used a CI pipeline to create a new Multidev. You must do one of the following to ensure that your newly created Multidev has the pantheon.yml changes:

  • Re-commit your changes to the Multidev and/or pantheon.yml file
  • Push the pantheon.yml changes directly to the Dev (master branch) environment

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