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Install and Configure DDEV for Drupal

Install and configure DDEV for Drupal local development.

This section provides information on how to use DDEV for local development with Drupal sites on Pantheon.

Before You Begin

Be sure that you have:

Download and Install DDEV

  1. Download the appropriate DDEV release for your Operating System.

  2. Open the installer package and allow it to prepare.

  3. Follow the system prompts to install DDEV.

Use DDEV with Pantheon

  1. Navigate to your Pantheon Dashboard and generate a machine token for use with your DDEV site.

  2. Open your global DDEV configuration file at ~/.ddev/global_config.yaml and add the API token to the web_environment section:

    - TERMINUS_MACHINE_TOKEN=insertyourtoken
  3. Copy the example.pantheon.yaml provider file to the pantheon.yaml.

  4. Update the project name and environment variable. In the example below, the project name is de8 and the targeted environment is live. This example updates the local DDEV environment with database and content file backups from the Pantheon Live environment.

  5. Run ddev pull pantheon to update your local database and content files. You can add the --skip-files parameter if you don't want to sync the content files to your local. Remember to specify the site and Pantheon environment you want to target when running the ddev pull command, and create a new backup when you need to refresh what you pull.

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