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Compare Multidev Environments

Learn how to compare environments in Multidev.

This section provides steps on how you can compare Multidev environments on your local.

Compare Multidev Environments Locally

You can compare your Multidev environments using the following methods:

  • Through the Multidev tab in the Site Dashboard

  • In the site's root directory using your CLI

Local Comparison Through the Site Dashboard

  1. Go to the Site Dashboard, then click Multidev.

The Multidev Environments page provides a list of all existing environments for a site, along with a quick comparison between environments and the master branch of your Dev environment.

  • Ahead Count: Represents the number of commits existing on the Multidev environment that have not been merged into master (Dev).

  • Behind Count: Represents commits in the master branch that do not exist on the Multidev branch.

  • Counts displayed on the Multidev Environments page are ordered by time of the commit, which can cause discrepancies in certain scenarios (for example, if an existing commit was cherry-picked from one environment branch into another).

Local Comparison from the Site Root Directory

  1. Navigate to the site's root directory on your local.

  2. Run the following command:

    git show-branch <multidev-name> origin/master

The show-branch output is formatted into two columns and color coded to illustrate which commits exist on the Multidev branch as compared to which exist on the master (Dev) branch.

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