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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022

Integrated Composer FAQ

Get answers to your Integrated Composer questions.

This section provides answers to frequently asked Integrated Composer questions.

What Composer commands does Pantheon run?

All Composer commands are available through the Commit Log in the Site Dashboard's development environment.

Can I view live logs?

Composer build logs are only available after the task or action completes (or fails).

How do I view Composer's changes?

Use git diff to view changes, excluding composer.lock:

git diff d94d1a1179 -- . ':(exclude)composer.lock'

Try composer-lock-diff to see what packages have changed after composer update.

Can I use a Composer GUI?

Pantheon does not offer support for Composer GUIs or any conflicts that might be caused by one.

On what environments does the require-dev section of composer.json get loaded?

The require-dev section of the composer.json file is loaded on the Dev and Multidev environments. Every time Integrated Composer does a build, it creates a Dev artifact and a Live artifact. When you deploy from Dev to Test, Integrated Composer deploys the Live artifact rather than the Dev artifact.

Why are contrib modules placed in /modules/composer instead of /modules/contrib?

Contrib modules added by Integrated Composer from the now deprecated Drupal Project upstream are placed in the /modules/composer directory in case a site already has non-Composer-managed modules in the standard /modules/contrib directory. If your site does not fall into this category, it is safe to rename the composer directory back to the standard contrib and alter the installer path to match.

We recommend upgrading to the Drupal Composer Managed Project, which installs modules to the standard contrib directory. This /modules/contrib directory is added by default to the .gitignore file which tells Git to ignore files generated by Composer. You can manually add packages and make commits up to the repository by modifying the .gitignore file with the following exception:


All modules will be overwritten by Integrated Composer if you don't add the exception code above. Don't manually add modules with the .gitignore exception if they are included in your composer.json file, as this can create a conflict that causes Integrated Composer to fail.

Can I hotfix an Integrated Composer site?

No. Integrated Composer is not compatible with the hotfix workflow.

What features are planned for Integrated Composer on Pantheon?

Pantheon's developers are working hard to make the Integrated Composer experience on Pantheon better.

Features that are still in development:

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