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Create a Site- No Starter and/or CMS

Create a Front-End Site without a starter kit and/or without a CMS.

This section provides information on how to create a Front-End Site without a starter kit and/or CMS on Pantheon.

Create Your Project on Pantheon

Make sure you meet the following prerequisites before you continue.

  • You are using a Git repository.

  • The repository is not empty.

  • The repository has a package.json file.

  • The repository has only one lock file.


    You cannot have a package-lock.json and yarn.lock file. You will receive an error message if you try to import a repository with both a package-lock.json and yarn.lock.

  1. Go to the workspace, then select the Sites page.

  2. Click the Front-End Sites tab and then click +Create New Site.

  3. Click Import Repository on the What kind of site are you creating? page to connect your GitHub repository.

  4. Select a Git provider from the Choose your Git provider options and click Continue.

  5. Select your desired GitHub account from the GitHub Account drop-down menu.

  6. Choose the repository name from the Select Repository drop-down menu and click Continue.

  7. Enter the Site Name in the General Info section. The site name is the title of your site. You can edit the site name in Settings after creation. Note: You cannot use a . (period) or _ (underscore) for site and Multidev names.

  8. Select the frontend framework in the General Info section. You can choose either Next.js or Gatsby as the static site generator.

  9. Optional. Link your CMS.


    You are not required to have a CMS when using this method. If you are using a specified CMS, you can link your CMS backend and the site environment from which to source content. However, this is more applicable when using the Decoupled starter kit templates.

  10. Determine if your repository will be public or private. Note that Make this a private repository is selected by default.

  11. Optional. Click Advanced Settings to set your:

    • Output directory
    • Build command
    • Environment variables
    • Deployment path

    Basic builds will function without setting environment variables if the CMS site was selected during site creation. Environment variables are not necessary for optional features such as Decoupled Preview.

    • You are directed to a new page with the site name, deployment, and build information and status. You will receive a message that your Front-End Site has been successfully added to Pantheon.
  12. Click Build Details to view the build log.