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Last Reviewed: May 04, 2022


Learn about available WordPress plugin configurations on the Pantheon platform.

Pantheon provides extensive compatibility with WordPress plugins. This guide provides information on plugin configurations for common website management plugins including Pantheon-maintained WordPress plugins and popular WordPress plugins such as:

  • WP-CFM
  • Apache Solr for WordPress
  • Custom code for plugins

We recommend that you review the WordPress Plugins and Themes with Known Issues document carefully before you download and configure plugins or themes for your WordPress site.

WordPress on Pantheon Quick Start Guide

Consult the WordPress on Pantheon Quick Start Guide if you are new to WordPress and/or the Pantheon platform.

Install WordPress Plugins with Git

Consult the Git with SFTP & WordPress Guide if you need information on how to install and maintain WordPress plugins with Git.

WordPress with Composer

Consult the WordPress with Composer on Pantheon Guide if you would like to use Composer, the PHP dependency and package manager, with your WordPress site on Pantheon.

More Resources