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Learn about the WordPress + Gatsby frontend starter for Front-End Sites.

Front-End Sites on Pantheon allow you to use decoupled architecture to separate your frontend and backend into distinct entities.

You can use a frontend starter kit to streamline the creation of your Front-End site on Pantheon. Available WordPress frontend starters are:

  • Next.js + WordPress
  • Gatsby + WordPress
Not what you're looking for?

Check out the Front-End Sites landing page to access all documentation for Front-End Sites.

Why Use the Gatsby WordPress Starter?

The gatsby-wordpress-starter is designed as a starting point for a Gatsby site that consumes data from a WordPress backend configured with the pantheon-decoupled and wp-graphql plugins installed.

The starter has a dependency on the @pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit that includes helpers that maximize available WordPress backend features.

Requirements and Considerations

Review requirements and considerations for Front-End Sites on Pantheon before you begin your project.

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