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Files and Directories

Learn more about file and directory considerations on the Pantheon platform.

This section provides information on files and directories on the Pantheon platform.

Rename/Move Files or Directories


You cannot rename or move file directories on Pantheon's file serving infrastructure. The workaround is to:

  1. Create a new directory, then copy all the files from inside the old directory into the new directory.

  2. Delete the old directory.


Files on Pantheon cannot be renamed or moved, similar to file directories. Our SFTP mode doesn’t support the mv command, which is what most apps use when renaming or moving files. The workaround is to:

  1. Delete the old file(s).

  2. Upload the newly renamed file to the desired directory, or upload a file with same name to a different directory.

Static Files

Pantheon strips cookies for files with common static file extensions. Refer to File Suffixes and Cookies in our Caching: Advanced Topics documentation for more information.

Write Access on Environments

Your entire codebase is writable in your Dev environment when you're in SFTP mode. However, the platform is designed to keep only the codebase under version control. This means that the only writable paths are:

  • Drupal: sites/default/files
  • WordPress: wp-content/uploads

You must add a symlink to modules or plugins that require the ability to assume write access and write to the codebase. This allows the module or plugin to write to the file system. Refer to Using Extensions That Assume Write Access for more information.

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