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Last Reviewed: March 23, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about frequently asked questions for Pantheon's decoupled architecture using Front-End Sites.

This section provides answers to frequently asked Front-End Site questions.

Can I use any CMS with Pantheon architecture for Front-End Sites?

WordPress and Drupal are currently supported by Pantheon Front-End Sites.

What dependency versions are supported with Front-End Sites?

Pantheon Front-End Sites currently supports:

  • Gatsby v4 or higher
  • Next.js v12 or higher
  • Drupal 9 or higher
  • WordPress 5.9 or higher

Is Decoupled Site Preview available for all instances on Front-End Sites?

Decoupled Site Preview is only available for sites using Next.js as a frontend framework.

Can I Use Cloudflare with Front-End Sites?

Yes. You can configure Cloudflare's CDN as an additional layer on Pantheon's Global CDN service. You must follow the Option 2 instructions outlined in the Cloudflare Domain Configuration documentation.

Is Multi-Region Failover available with Front-End Sites?

Multi-Region Failover and Pantheon's Multizone Failover are only available for General Availability.

Is Multidev compatible with Front-End Sites?

Yes, Multidev is compatible with Front-End Sites. Refer to Types of Environments and Front-End Sites Multidev Development Workflow for more information.

Is Advanced Global CDN (AGCDN) compatible with Front-End Sites?

Yes, AGCDN is compatible with Front-End Sites. Contact Support to get assistance adding AGCDN to your Front-End Site.

Can I transfer a Front-End site from one Org to another Org?

Yes. Contact Support to request that your Front-End site be transferred from one Org to another.