Known Issues and Troubleshooting

Review known issues and solutions.

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This section provides information on known issues and solutions to common troubleshooting scenarios.

Known Issues


Build works locally but won't build on Pantheon

Follow the steps below if your build works locally but won't build on Pantheon.

  1. Make sure any environment variables you have locally are set in the site’s Dashboard.

  2. Verify that your scripts in package.json have an explicit step for build and start. For example:

    "build": "next build",
    "start": "next start"
    • If the build and start steps have a different name, specify it in the Dashboard in the Advanced Settings section when creating a site. You can also specify this in the Builds section of the site’s dashboard.

Images are not showing up on my Next.js site

Consult the Next.js docs on their image component. Set the IMAGE_DOMAIN environment variable if the images are coming from a domain that is different from your liked CMS.

Make sure you are passing the IMAGE_DOMAIN as a prefix to the src prop if you are using the next/image component. Refer to Next.js documentation for more information.