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Last Reviewed: October 18, 2022

Drupal 10 on Pantheon

Your hub for all things Drupal 10.

Drupal 10 is now available on the Pantheon platform. This page will be updated frequently with the latest information and instructions for Drupal 10 on Pantheon.

Current Status of Drupal 10 at Pantheon

Create a Drupal 10 site on PantheonAvailableCreate a Drupal 10 Site
Upgrade a Drupal 9 site to Drupal 10 manuallyAvailableUpgrade from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10
Upgrade a Drupal 9 site to Drupal 10 using the Terminus Conversion Tools pluginEarly AccessUse the following command: terminus conversion:upgrade-d10

Update a Drupal 9 Site to Drupal 10

  1. Confirm that the site uses PHP 8.1 or higher:

    Go to the Site Dashboard and click Settings, and then click PHP version. The PHP 8.1+ update will show as available to install if you are not already on it.

    If you are not on PHP 8.1 and you don't see the update, refer to Upgrade PHP Versions for instructions on updating your PHP version.

  2. Run Drupal's Upgrade Status.

  3. Use Composer to update to Drupal 10. Refer to the Drupal release-specific documentation for more information.

    Composer will prompt you to add phpstan/extension-installer to your allow-plugins config if you haven't done so already.

Create a Drupal 10 Site

This process requires Composer version 2.2 and uses Pantheon's current PHP version.

  1. Create a new Drupal site using the "Drupal with Composer" CMS/Start State documentation.

  2. Clone the site locally with Git.

    • The cloned site contains a pre-configured composer.json file. No additional configuration is needed for the site to work on Pantheon.
  3. Review the documentation to install and configure Git correctly before you begin developing your site on Pantheon.


Will my Drupal 9 site be forced to upgrade to Drupal 10?

No, Drupal 9 sites can continue to use Drupal 9.

How do I upgrade my existing site from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10?

Refer to Upgrade from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10.

Where do I go with questions?

Ask questions in our Slack #drupal channel.

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